Sunday, 12 February 2012

Oh go on then, Evra vs Suarez: My View

Before this weekends game, i swore to myself i wouldn't get involved. I wont be one of those supporters that gets caught up in what, basically, is a game of football.

The sub plots going into yesterdays game were massive. Would they, wouldn't they? Everybody was tuned in to see what would happen when the customary handshakes took place. For those hoping for fireworks, although Mario Balotelli was not involved, they sure as hell got them. I'm going to try and break this report down into three sections. My view on Suarez's actions, Evra's celebrations and then the managers reactions to the day's proceedings.

As a Manchester United supporter, and a human being in general, i'm trying to be as unbiased as i can with this man. This isn't Luis Suarez's first controversial day at the office. Whilst at Ajax, Suarez during a heated argument, bit Otman Bakkal on his shoulder/neck region. This bout of madness got the Uruguayan a 7 match ban. His hand ball in the World Cup against Ghana was indeed controversial, but i'm not going to be one of the people who hold that against him, it was his country, i would have done the same thing.

The whole saga with Patrice Evra is going to haunt Suarez for the rest of his career, and for that, i have a small bit of sympathy. The reason for this is, i for one, do not know or believe that Luis Suarez is a racist in any way shape or form. Suarez racially abused Evra, but all of this could have been thwarted with a quick admission of guilt and an apology for the ignorance he had shown. This apology never came, and still has not come to this day. Just 30 minutes ago, a statement of apology has been release by Liverpool football club for the handshake incident. No apology has come for Octobers actions. It's this ignorance by all sides at Liverpool that is damaging the reputation of a great football club.

Ah, Patrice. After being racially abused last October, his credibility being questioned, the abuse he received at Anfield 2 weeks ago and the handshake incident. How could Patrice Evra not overreact a bit when it comes to celebrating a massive win in front of his home fans who have been supporting him throughout this ordeal. Let's get this straight now. I believe Evra was indeed trying to provoke reaction from Suarez at the end, something you would not encourage. A silly mistake, something that should have been left alone, but not anywhere near the actions of his arch nemesis Suarez.

Dalglish and Ferguson
These two are not best of friends at the best of times are they? So it was no surprise they both had different reactions to yesterdays affair.

Ferguson's claims that Suarez should never play for the club again were a tad bit over the top. Although his disgust at the way Suarez handled the situation is correct, he is a disgrace to the football club.

Dalglish went off on a bit of a rant didn't he? One that was overdue, as in, getting in Geoff Shreeves face about the constant coverage and hype of every little thing in football right now. Sky are not helping the situation in any way, the constant bombardment of players and clubs is driving them to do things they wish they didn't. The one gripe i have with Dalglish's rant was that, he answered a question in an aggressive manner and the rant was correct, but he answered the wrong question.

With the apology this morning from Liverpool FC and Luis Suarez, i sincerely hope this can all be put to bed. Even if the apology doesn't come for last October's actions, lets take this and let it die now. At no point yesterday evening, did i speak to anybody about the actual football match, you know that thing that we go to watch with such anticipation. United went top, Liverpool's Champions League ambitions seem to have vanished. They should be the talking points, not an over rated full back and a lunatic who plays for Liverpool.

I fully expect that the next time the two teams meet, Suarez and Evra will shake hands, it won't be warm, there will be tension. But, this is hopefully the end of what is one of the most tedious battles in Premier League history.