Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Test Report: How good is Nani?

The question that will get so so many different opinions that you could hardly come to a conclusion. Nani, a man that has come of age, a man that has finally learnt his lessons, a man that finally has gained that end product. All these terms were going through my head earlier in the season, and don't get me wrong, i am still a huge believer in his ability. He has it all in my eyes, he has speed, a winning mentality, vision, dribbling ability, two good feet and a genuine love of step overs. The burning question for me is: Will it ever come together consistently?

This season, without doubt, has been Nani's best. 9 goals and an absolute glut of assists saw him nominated for PFA Young Player of the year. An award that to be fair, he really was up against it, Jack Wilshere has dominated this season for me and totally deserved the award, Gareth Bale also has had a good season, but  i feel did not warrant winning the senior award. For example, how can Bale win the senior award, but miss out on the young award? surely Wilshere has been voted better than Bale in one category, how on earth can Bale then win the top prize? Thtats football i guess, and why we love it.

Anyway, back on track, Nani. When he missed an 87th minute penalty against Fulham in August, i felt this might be another typical season for the Portuguese ace. Nani, though, has done exceptional this term as discussed before. After tonight's game however, i cant help but feel that Nani has not matured as much as we may think. Remember this?

This, there was no need for. In a game where Utd had the game won, he decides to annoy and provoke Arsenal. To us fans, it was fun, it was good to see the boy wind them up.But this was a piece of Nani that will never disappear i feel, he showboats too much, when it is not needed. Many will say C Ronaldo does the same, but when he has scored 42 goals in a season, he can do whatever he wants, when he wants. Nani just has certain areas to work on, big time. Like his crossing from corners....it is and i will argue on this, ABYSMAL. He will pop up with a good corner every now and again, but 7/10 times, he will not beat the first man. His free kicks are very like Ronaldo's style, but unfortunately his ability to take a free kick is not up to that standard.

Man Utd have had a weird season, looking right now on track to win a record breaking 19th league title and on course for another Champions League final, sounds like a pretty amazing season....unless you have been watching it. The midfield has not had a consistent look to it, Scholes is now surely on his last legs, Giggs although going through a good spell is soon to retire also, Hargreaves is....whatever and Gibson and Carrick just don't want to be good footballers anymore and Fletcher, even as a workhorse, will not win you the game or place that killer pass, Anderson also is looking less likely to fill potential that made United pay so big for him. With the midfield looking so thin on the ground, Park Ji Sung, Antonio Valencia and Nani must have a major impact on the remainder of the season if United are to have any chance of lifting another European Cup/

Nani must show some of the ability he showed earlier in the season, where he just glided by numerous Bolton defenders and slotted the ball home. In the end i feel this could be one of Nani's most important season's in a United shirt, with rumors of Ashley Young arriving, also rumors surrounding a swap with Wesley Sneijder growing, Nani must show up in the big games from now until the end of the season. If he doesn't? Then i truly believe Nani will not be as big a part of Manchester United's future as he may even think

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